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We believe that the best way to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle is to develop products that make that healthier lifestyle easy and more enjoyable.

The eatwell toolkit philosophy

Our story

The eatwell toolkit was founded to help real people wanting to achieve real weight loss, without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.


By delivering an easy, convenient, personalized program, eatwell toolkit empowers people to discover and embrace life-changing habits that help them achieve healthier lives and reach their weight-loss goals, regardless of age or lifestyle.


Since 2019, our revolutionary new approach has helped thousands of members shed weight by using our personalized, visual weight-loss App.

Our impact

Obesity rates around the world are increasing significantly. Currently, about 36% of American adults are obese (more than 1 in 3) and globally, more than 1 in 10 humans are obese.  Being overweight or obese carries a range of negative health consequences.  The health risks associated with obesity are many; they include an overall increased risk of death from all causes, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, hear disease, osteoarthritis, mental illness... in fact the list is seemingly endless.


However, obesity is preventable.  the eatwell toolkit was started with the primary goal of making solutions to help enable weight loss simple, customizable and affordable.  We thank you for your interest in our start-up and would welcome any feedback you have on how we can improve our offerings.

Tech enabled nutrition

 Our approach is to help people achieve their ideal weight and lifestyle through a combination of proprietary frameworks, food science, big data and artificial intelligence.  

We like to think of ourselves as food scientists and computer geeks.  We apply technologies like natural language processing, deep learning models and computer vision to improve our  weight management solutions.  For example, we use semantic food label searches to identify potential allergies and machine learning models to predict Glycemic Loads.


And we combine this artificial intelligence with human intelligence to provide augmented intelligence (computers didn't come up with the idea of serving size reference photos).  This proprietary food intelligence technology allow us to understand food science on a deeper level, and recommend foods to our users based on their goals, lifestyles, allergies, tastes, and more.

Scientist on Computer

Our mission

Our mission is to make eating better easy and accessible to all. That's why we believe it's so important to create ways for everyone to access what they need in order to build healthy habits.  Our solutions exists to bring better health to everyone, without barriers.

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