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Eating Healthy

Analyzing your macro targets

Next up, take a look at your macro breakdown for the week.  Similar to the meal timing analysis, at the end of each week you want to review your progress against your targets to make updates.  The chances are that you are eating too many carbs and not enough protein so you may want to tweak your macro targets if there is a big difference between your calculated and the average macros from your food log.  Ideally, you want the macro targets you use to be as close to your calculated macros as possible so you can make adjustments each week if you want to gradually transition towards your new macro targets to avoid macros that are too much of a shock to your system.  Ultimately it is up to you to make the judgement call on what your macro targets should be.


Obviously the closer you can get to your targets the better but just try and find a routine that works for you.  If you can get on a consistent eating schedule then you can start to pinpoint where you can tweak your ingredients and serving sizes and reduce your error margins.  And remember that any small choices you make are steps in the right direction so if you miss your fat targets by 30g per day in week one then try and get that down to 25g for week two then 20g for week three and so on until you are within your 5g target.  This is about slowly building your routine.  Once you have your routine locked down, and by that, we mean you can consistently hit your daily macro targets then you can start looking at fine tuning your micronutrients and other areas.  But for the time being, you just want to focus on your macros.

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