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Meat in Pita Bread

Analyzing your meal timings

Next, let’s take a look at your meal timings.  The reality is that at the beginning of this process you will probably be all over the place when it comes to your timings so don’t worry too much about this.  Your goal is to develop some consistency in when you eat and with a bit of discipline and consistency you will get there.  Have a look at your data to understand the variance between your average mealtimes and your meal macro targets.  When are you hitting your meal macro targets?  When are you missing them?  You are trying to develop a solid routine for eating that you can consistently repeat, so that you can use this as a foundation to play with what foods help you feel at your best. 

If you find you are consistently missing your meal macro targets or you think that a different schedule would work better for you then don’t be afraid to play around with the timings for your meal macro targets.  If you find that you are not usually hungry in the morning then allocate your calories and macros to later in the day.  Or if you get hungry in the middle of the afternoon then switch out some of your lunchtime calories to make room for an afternoon meal.  Everyone is different and so you want to create a mealtime routine that works for your body and lifestyle.

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