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Preparing Healthy Food

Analyzing your biometrics

Your biometric data is a really important source of information information for helping you tweak your inputs.  You can view your biometric data in the DIARY section under the TRENDS menu.


Hunger is the most usual complaint.  So remember the purpose of this routine is not to starve yourself but to find a sustainable eating routine that enables you to achieve your goals.  That may be a period where you want to lose weight however you should be able to lose weight and not feel hungry if you are eating the correct macros. 


So, if you do start feeling truly hungry, there are a couple of options.  You could try playing with your macro allocations.  Protein is typically the most filling macro so increasing your protein intake will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.  Also carbs (particularly fiber packed, low Glycemic Carbs) will help provide you with a steady source of energy. 


However, if you are not doing as much exercise then increasing your fat intake will provide your body with a slow-burning, dense energy source that should keep you feeling full for longer.  Another option is to increase your total daily calorie intake.  Or you could try splitting your meals up and maybe a few more smaller meals spread throughout the day. 


You can also play around with your macros mix as the different macros will affect our body and brain in different ways.  For example, increasing your protein macro target will help you feel fuller for longer.  If you find you are not hungry in the mornings, then have a smaller breakfast and save your calories for later in the day.

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