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Preparing Fruit Juice

Analyzing your calories

First up, you want to look at the relationship between your total calories and bodyweight.  Your weight will probably fluctuate from day to day so try to focus on the 3-day trend.  If your weight is trending upwards and you want to lose weight then you need to drop your total calorie consumptions.  If your weight is trending downwards and you want to gain weight, then you need to increase your daily calories.  You need to play with your total calories and macro targets to see what combination helps you hit your weight management goals. 


If you find that you are getting heavier it does not necessarily mean that you have gained body fat.  It might just be due to water weight.  For every gram of carbohydrate stored in the body as glycogen, the body retains approximately 2 to 3 grams of water.  So, if you eat fifty grams of carbs (200 calories) then you can expect to gain about 100 grams from water weight.  This water weight is not necessarily a bad thing as it can help keep you hydrated and you can lose it quickly but you may want to dial down your carb intake.  Equally if you decrease the carbs you eat then you may see your body start to shed some excess water and bloating so don’t get too excited as this is just the water weight which is held by carbs.

And you may just experience weight gain from your food sitting in your digestive system.  It usually takes 2 or 3 days before your body weight reflects what you have eaten which is why you also focus on your 3-day trend.  What you should find is that when you have the correct macro targets for your objectives that you are hitting consistently, you will see a corresponding reaction in your weight. 

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