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Serving Sizes

Estimating your serving sizes

Unfortunately, there are going to be times where you cannot weigh your food to get the serving size or access the food labels to get accurate nutritional data.  Don’t worry!  At times like this you will have to estimate (or “eyeball”) your serving sizes and nutritional data.  Keep a note of what you eat in your food log, try to estimate the serving size (using our hand matching guide below) and then search for the nutritional data later using a food database.  It may be that you cannot find the nutritional information for exactly what you ate so just try and find the best possible match (for example use a cheese and salami bagel if you cannot find a ham croissant).  If you are eating out at a restaurant, see if they post the nutritional data on their menus ahead of visiting, otherwise you just follow the same steps as above.  The truth is that food logging is more often an art rather than a science. 

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