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The Ultimate Weight Loss App

Download now and access loads of FREE weight loss features

Over 1.5 Million Items

Our huge database has thousands of food items so you can eat whatever you want without wasting time checking the labels

Accurate Food Data

All our nutritional data is carefully reviewed by food scientists before being uploaded onto our platform to ensure accuracy

Free Calorie Calculator

Our in-built goal setting and calorie target tools enable you to easily set objectives for your long term weight and health goals

Meal plan functionality

Our app provides over 20 multi-day meal plans or the ability to build your own with our simple user interface.

Get shopping lists, menus, nutrition information, and batch cooking instructions to make sure you take the guesswork out of hitting your calories.


Serving Size Pictures

Get pictures of food tailored specifically to your daily calorie targets so that you can learn to ``guess-timate`` your portion sizes

Meal Planner

Use our meal planning function to plan your meals for the day or week ahead to make sure you hit your calorie and macro targets

Macro Meal Optimization

Use our meal optimization functionality to tweak the ingredients so that your meals are hitting your macro and calorie targets


Advanced food logging

Our app offers a FREE food diary where you can log foods by serving size and mealtime.

You can view your meals against your mealtime goals, view macro breakdowns of your food choices, get detailed nutritional information on your food and much more..

Meal Building Options

Whether you are cooking from scratch or using a prepared meal, we have you covered with our single and multi-add functionality

Patterns & Reports

Check out our unique analytics for your eating behaviors and understand what changes you need to make

Goal Setting Features

Our in-built goal setting and calorie target tools enable you to easily set objectives for your long term weight and health goals

Better insight & analytics

Our app provides advanced analytical insight to help you track habits against your daily goals with analysis of macros, fats, carbs, micronutrients, hydration and food sensitivities.


Quick Add Biometrics

Quickly add factors like exercise, meditation, mood, weight, energy, hunger and sleep to see how your food choices affect you

Key Trends Review

Review key trends to understand your eating patterns and understand what changes you need for better eating behavour 

Food Notes

Keep notes on your food, exercise and general progress so you can understand how your are progressing


Goal setting with A.I.

Choosing the right servings sizes and ingredients to hit your goals can be challenging so you can personalize your meals with our A.I. (artificial intelligence) algorithms to hit your goals.


Thanks to EatWell ToolKit, I've rolled back 15 years of weight gain and discovered a life I thought was gone forever.  Their tools were so easy to use and really worked.

Hannah E. Lost 45 lbs.

Get started now with our free calorie calculator and join thousands of happy customers

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