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Spaghetti Meal

Making adjustments

So now you have a pretty good idea of what you are doing well and what you are doing badly when it comes to meal timings, macro targets and meals you can start to make some small tweaks to your targets.  Remember that the focus for the time being is on developing a routine.  You want to be able to make good, small food choices that you can apply with discipline and consistency over the day.  And for the time being just focus on your macros and hydration.  At the end of each week, have a look at your data and then if you spot any patterns where you think you are doing well or badly, update your meal macro targets accordingly.  And feel free to revisit Chapter 16 on Macro Timings and Chapter 17 on Meal Planning to update you targets so that you hit your goals.


It will take a bit of time building a routine.  But once you have got your daily numbers sorted you can make small changes to what you are eating to help achieve your goals.  And remember it is all about your ingredients and servings sizes.  Still hungry at breakfast then add some fruit.  Use skim milk or water instead of 2% in your protein shakes.  Switch meals around.  Don’t be afraid to have a proper meal for breakfast and soup for dinner.  Over time you will learn what sorts of things you can eat and what things you should try to avoid.  Once you have a routine bedded down you can start to experiment with the micronutrients of your meals and friendly foods.

The goal of this third step is to achieve consistency with your daily macros.  So, if you feel like you are hitting your macro targets on a consistent basis then you are ready to move onto the next step.  If not, just keep working on it each week by reviewing your performance and thinking about what tweaks you can make to your eating patterns to hit your goals.  With a bit of patience and perseverance you will get there.

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