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Paper Diary

Step 3:
Start a food diary

A food diary is a log of what you eat each day and is a really important part of pre-work ahead of building a meal plan. 

Organic Vegetables

learn what you need to change

By keeping track of the serving sizes, nutritional content and timing of everything you eat, you can start to understand what you are actually eating and which bad eating patterns you need to work on.

What do I need to log?

  • Anything you eat that has calories MUST be recorded! 

  • Record the serving weight and nutrition info (protein, fat, carbs, and cals)

  • Use the food packaging or our barcode scanner to get the info.  For meals, try to record each ingredient

  • Keep note of the time of when you ate

  • And don’t forget to keep track of your liquids

Remember to log all your ingredients!

Those small ingredients that you forget to log will start to add up


Logging your food may feel like a bit of a pain when you get started but once you get the hang of it you’ll see that it is really easy. 



Where do I get the nutrition info?

Not sure how to read a food label?  We're here to help!


What if I can't weight my food?

Learn how to estimate your serving sizes


How often do I log my food?

How long should I keep a food log?


How do I log my food on an app?

Get instructions on how to log food in our app

A food diary is great for retroactively analyzing your calories, but mapping out what you want to eat in advance will help you hit your mealtime macros which is why we recommend meal planning.

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