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We have a range of free tools to help you on your weight loss journey....

Calorie Calculator


See your daily calorie targets with our free calorie calculator (or create a free account for macro targets and meal allocation)

Food Diary


Download our app to access our free food diary and log the food you eat as well as get analytics on your eating patterns

Meal Plan


Save money, time and stress with our simple, delicious and free meal plan (which you can customize to your macros)

Eatwell Blog


Learn about functional, holistic nutrition with our blog and join the community to share ideas and keep motivated

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Thanks to EatWell ToolKit, I've rolled back 15 years of weight gain and discovered a life I thought was gone forever.  Their tools were so easy to use and really worked.

Hannah E. Lost 45 lbs.

It happens all the time. We say we are going to lose weight and get healthy but the next thing we know we are going for dessert and that extra glass of wine. We know overeating is bad and fad diets don't work - but it is hard to know what our calories actually look like. Until now.

Our tools will help you develop and sustain healthy dietary habits and routines, not just in the short term but for the rest of your life.

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