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Side-by-side meal analysis

In addition to your total calorie timings and macros, it is also worth doing a side-by-side comparison of what you ate at each meal.  This will help provide some color of why you may have missed your targets and help you spot some trends.  You want to make small tweaks to your meals (mainly through changing the ingredients and portion sizes) to make sure you are hitting your calorie target for each meal.  This can be quite challenging as you will need to be proactive about your food choices instead of reactive.  And what I mean by that is, you need to choose foods that will hit your goals before you eat them not eat what you want and then look at how much you missed your targets by!

Often the easiest way to start achieving consistency is to compare what you are eating at each meal.  Have a look through the week and see whether there is any consistency in what you are eating; and whether you can use this to start getting a bit more of a routine.  Try to develop a routine by making small tweaks to create a lifestyle that works for you.  This has to fit around your schedule: when do you typically wake and go to work; when can you usually break for lunch; when do you get home for dinner; when do you go to the gym. 

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