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A weight loss plan 
designed for you,
by you

Our app uses Artificial Intelligence to help you personalize and plan your diet so you can reach your weight loss and nutritional goals.


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We use a different approach

Research shows diets don't work for most people because most people can't stick to them.  Our app will help you build a new routine for eating well that lasts.

//  Hit Your Goals  //

Our app is packed full of neat features to help you hit your goals, like our meal plans which use Artificial Intelligence to personalize to your preferences.

// Eat Foods You Enjoy //

You can enjoy your fave foods as part of an overall balanced diet.  Our system is fun and works - you will learn to think in terms of "treat" not "cheat" foods. 

// Build A New Routine //

Our app and program will teach you how to make better food choices.  With time these choices will become habits and soon you'll be eating well without even thinking.

App Screenshots

Packed full of features to help you build a routine for long-term, healthy eating

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Get our 6 step weight loss program for free to understand what you need to do for your weight loss journey

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What makes us different?

We use a totally new approach to weight management that combines food science, behavioral psychology and personalization to help you beat over-eating and develop healthier eating habits.

Tech-Enabled Meal Plans

We believe that you need some sort of strategy for successful weight management.  Our app will help you create eating plans that fit into your lifestyle, eating preferences which take the guesswork out of weight loss. 

A Program That Works

We have designed our app around a proprietary 6 step weight loss program which will help you identify your bad food habits and make better food choices.  Over time, these better food choices will lead to a new routine for eating well.

Personalized To You

We know everybody is different. Motivations, needs and lifestyles vary from one person to another which is why we have developed our tools to give you the freedom to personalize your eating habits to suit you.

Member success stories

Don't just take our word for it.  Hear the success stories from some of our members...

Thanks to EatWell ToolKit, I've rolled back 15 years of weight gain and discovered a life I thought was gone forever.  Their tools were so easy to use and really worked.

Hannah E. Lost 45 lbs.


Meal plans & inspiration

Check out our blog for healthy recipes and weight loss tips from eatwell toolkit experts.

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App Features

Our app has all the features you need to change your relationship with food, like portion-size pictures, nutritional framework, diary analytics and meal planners



Save money, time and stress with our tech-enabled meal planner that is customizable to your individual macro-nutrient needs



Keep track of the food you eat, build meals that hit your macro targets and understand what your daily eating habits look like



Set personalized calorie and macro goals, track your biometrics and review your performance with advanced analytics



Get fully personalized meals and plans that use our proprietary A.I engine to calculate the ingredients you need for your goals


Get started with your weight loss journey for FREE

Healthy Food



Basic food diary and analytics

Calorie calculator

Weight tracker and progress

6 step weight loss program

65 tasty, macro balanced recipes

Healthy Food


$2.99 pm | $19.99 pa


Basic food diary and analytics

Calorie calculator

Weight tracker and progress

6 step weight loss program

65 tasty, macro balanced recipes

Biometrics functionality and more

Advanced analytical capabilities

20 healthy, multi-day eating plans

Set to goals with A.I. personalization

Create personal foods, meals, plans

And more...

Get started now with our free calorie calculator and join thousands of happy customers

Download now and access loads of FREE weight loss features

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